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Pre-Teen Pre-Flight Commentary


I think I’ve mentioned that my older son, CAM, is a reluctant traveler. But his inherent grumpiness about everything travel-related sometimes leads to some genuinely funny moments. Here’s a couple from our recent trip to Mexico.

On the shuttle from parking to the terminal

CAM (At the top of his voice): The only thing which could make my day worse, would be if we’re flying with Ryanair. Please tell me we’re not flying with Ryanair?

At the gate – as our boarding passes were being checked

CAM: Why aren’t we checking in any bags?
Me: Because Alaska started charging $25 per checked bag yesterday.
CAM: (Stopping hard, looking aghast) Alaska charges $25 for a checked bag!
(Gate attendant looks uncomfortable and – understandably – wishes we would quickly move into the jetway)
Me: Yes, Alaska charges for checked bags now. Can we please move?
CAM: I bet Virgin America doesn’t charge for checked bags. Why are we not flying Virgin?

So there you have it: the reality of chosing which airline to fly with from the perspective of a 12-year-old.

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