Argentina with Kids


Argentina with kids: Essential Travel Info

Expand the section below for essential travel information on visiting Argentina with kids and then check out the stories and photos of from our travels in Argentina.

When to Go to Argentina with Kids:
The first thing to remember when planning a trip to Argentina is that it’s in the Southern Hemisphere: December is high summer and July is mid-winter. Secondly, keep in mind that Argentina is a huge country containing many climate zones from tropical to dry desert to Antarctic in the South.
January is peak beach season in the coastal region from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn. We visited in November and had typical late spring weather: mostly bright and sunny but not too warm with the odd rainy day. It was a perfect time to visit Buenos Aires.

How to Get There:
There are flights to Buenos Aires from major southern US hub cities, major European cities and Australia.
We entered Argentina by bus overland traveling from Santiago to the expansive wine-growing region of Mendoza. This route crosses over high Andes passes with a painless customs and border checkpoint at the peak.

Overall Rating: Argentina is moderately expensive but the value for money is excellent. In Argentina you’ll find food, wine and accommodation equal to many European countries but much more reasonably priced.
Accommodation: We stayed in small guesthouses and hostels typically for US$15 per person per night. Most locations had four-person dorms with private bath – great for anyone visiting Argentina with kids. Hostels are busy and fill up quickly in Buenos Aires. Most large hotel chains are represented in major cities although family-sized rooms are rare and per-room prices were twice the guesthouse price for four people.
Food: If you like red meat, you will be in heaven in Argentina because Argentinian beef is better than any you will taste anywhere else. This is not an easy country in which to be a vegetarian though and salads and vegetables are almost an after-thought to many meals. Given the quality and quantity, the prices are rock-bottom.
Transport: You can travel by bus very comfortably and pretty cheaply in Argentina with AndesMar. Aerolinas Argentinas also run internal flights but our one experience with them on what should have been a 2-hour flight became a 24-hour delayed and re-routed nightmare. I’d recommend sticking with the buses.
Entertainment: We spent most of our time in Argentina outdoors. There is excellent hiking, fishing, biking and skiing around Bariloche. Wine-and-bike tours in Mendoza were excellent, wallet-friendly fun. You can pay top dollar for premier tango shows in Buenos Aires but if you want your children to enjoy the experience also you can watch the performers while having lunch in the colorful Caminito neighborhood instead.

Argentina with Kids: What’s Special:
Argentina, with roots in Spanish and Italian cultures, is a very family-friendly country to visit. We found kids universally welcomed even in the late cafe culture. It’s also very modern with broad boulevards, wide squares and playgrounds in Buenos Aires and other cities. The many campgrounds in the lakes region are particularly well suited to touring families. Diapers, formula and the like are widely available in supermarkets everywhere.

Recommended guidebook:
We used the Lonely Planet South America book and Frommer’s Argentina.

Argentina with children: Our experiences

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