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“Not all who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tokien

Welcome to WanderMom.

Read WanderMom.com for inspiration on where to travel with children and tips and information on traveling around the world with kids.

WanderMom is about pushing the boundaries and exploring the world with your kids. Fearless travel. I believe fearless and family travel can co-exist, because I’ve done it with my family. My mantra: having a family does not mean you need to abandon your adventurous spirit, but enhances it. What started out as a travel blog to simply write about my travels with my husband and children, has turned into a collection of some of my greatest experiences. WanderMom is now an award-winning site recognized by Red Tricycle and Babble.com. I’m the author of a family travel book, Wanderlust & Lipstick’s Traveling with Kids, was named one of the Top 50 Influential Travel Twitters, co-founder of a network of Best Family Travel Experts and recently completed a round-the-world trip with my husband and two boys (now 12, 16) to far-reaching places few families would dare to explore (our itinerary for this trip is at wandermom.com/family-world-trip).

Co-founder Passports with Purpose

As a travel blogger, one of my greatest joys has been as the co-founder of Passports with Purpose. I met other travel bloggers including, Beth Whitman (@wanderluster), Debbie Dubrow (@deliciousbaby), and Pam Mandel (@nerdseyeview). With these three friends, in 2008 I co-founded Passports with Purpose, the annual travel bloggers’ fundraiser. Together and with the support of the travel blogging community, we built a school in Cambodia, a village in India and two libraries in Zambia. I travel to learn about the world and teach my children about the wider world in all its geopolitical, geo-social and economic messiness. The more I see through our family travels, the more passionate I become about continuing my involvement with Passports with Purpose as an organization that leverages the skills, wealth and ability of a world-wide community of mostly writers, to support charities doing amazing work in developing countries.

How to Work with WanderMom
I am a technology geek at heart, and when I’m not working my day job at Google, I’m traveling. I work for travel. I accept sponsored posts. I review properties, destinations and adventure experiences with my family. I also accept advertising on WanderMom.com. If you are interested in advertising on WanderMom, I would be happy to send you a media kit.

I also have an active and thriving social media network. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Where to Travel with Children
On Wandermom.com my goal is to provide inspiration for where to travel with children.
I write about Ireland (I go there a lot), budget travel, independent travel with kids, international travel with kids. I love boutique hotels, independent hotels, especially in Europe and Asia and in places we frequently travel. My boys are older now and we can explore new adventures such as hiking in South America, scuba diving in Vietnam or trekking in Kyrgyzstan. If you have an adventure tour company with active adventures close to home, or that reach across the globe, you have a good shot that our family with two teenage boys would be willing and able to participate.

Editorial Policy
I do accept advertising and sponsored posts. Ads are ads, content is content, and on my site the two are clearly distinct. Ads also must be to G-rated sites. Please request a rate sheet if you are interested in either of these.
This is not a product review site, but from time to time I review products or books that have the potential to make traveling with kids easier or better. If the product was sent to me for free, I always disclose that information.
I do take trips that are sponsored or paid for by airlines, resorts, or other tourist attractions. I always share when this is the case and am explicit about who paid for what. I also keep my writing relevant and honest so that you know you are getting a fair review. (That means sometimes I say I don’t like things. But I also say why). And I’ll never accept money to plug a product, book, or destination.
Think you’ve got a product I’d like to use or place to visit that I’d like? Let me know – but please make sure it is relevant and relates somehow to travel.
I also don’t exchange links with sites I don’t have a relationship with. I will consider guest posts. Guest posts containing links to a commercial site or service are determined to be sponsored posts.

I also accept invitations for guest posts. When I write a guest post, I use the following in the author notes at the end of the post:
Michelle Duffy blogs at WanderMom.com where she provides inspiration on where to travel with children and tips and information on traveling around the world with kids.

Michelle Duffy, WanderMom Bio
With their natural passion for travel, Michelle Duffy and her husband left Dublin, Ireland in 1995. After exploring much of the Western U.S., they settled in Seattle with their two boys. Parenthood did not preclude Michelle’s intent to wander far and wide while working full-time she managed to travel extensively in the U.S., Europe, South and Central America with her family. In 2010 this family left Seattle and backpacked around the world for a year visiting 26 countries on four continents. On WanderMom.com Michelle writes about traveling around the world with kids and provides tips on traveling with children including advice on flying with an infant. Michelle is a co-author of Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids.
Michelle Duffy is a Seattle-based IT professional currently working at Google. For full details of Michelle’s technical career see her LinkedIn profile.

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