Family World Trip – Our Route


As we plan this trip, we’re refining our route. We’re also sure that when we’re traveling, we won’t stick to the planned route 100%. That said, we know we’re going to start in South America, go from there to South-East Asia and then on to China – with possibly a quick stop in Japan. From China we will continue through Central Asia to the Middle East and then Cairo. We plan to stop in Ireland to visit family on our way home to Seattle.

Part I: South America
Ecuador Ecuador
Week 1: Quito
Week 2-4: Montanita, spanish lessons, surf lessons and exploring the coastal area.
Peru Peru
Week 5: Lima, Nazca Lines, Arequipa
Week 6: Cuzco, hike Machu Picchu
Week 7: Puno, Lake Titicaca.
Bolivia Bolivia
Week 8: La Paz, volunteer at the NPH orphanage outside Santa Cruz
Week 9: Salar de Uyuni.
Chile Chile
Week 9: Hiking in Atacama, Parque Nacional Lauca
Week 10: Valparaiso
Week 11: Santiago.
Argentina Argentina
Week 12: Mendoza to Cordoba to Tucuman
Week 13: Ascuncion and Iguazu Falls
Week 14-16: Buenos Aires

Part II: South East Asia and China
Japan Japan
Week 17-18: Skiing in Japan
Thailand Thailand
Week 19: Sukhothai to Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong
Laos Laos
Week 20: Luang Prabang
Week 21: Vientiane
Vietnam Vietnam
Week 22: Hanoi
Week 23: Ho Chi Minh City + Mekong Delta
Cambodia Cambodia
Week 24: Angkor Wat
Thailand Thailand
Week 25 + 26: Beaching it by the Andaman Sea
(Seriously, the kids are going to learn to scuba dive).
China China
Like any good project manager I’m padding the time required for this section while we figure out what we want to do and where we want to go.
Week 27: Hong Kong
Week 28: Shanghai
Week 29: Beijing
Week 30: Xi’an
Week 31 -34: Xi’an to Kashgar (Silk Road)

Part III: Central Asia (Silk Road)
Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyzstan
Week 35
Tajikistan Tajikistan
Week 36: Hiking in the Pamirs
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Week 37-39: Taskhent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
Week 40: There’s some disagreement in our household as to whether or not we’ll cross the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan or whether we’ll try a land-based route.

Part IV: The Middle East and Egypt
We’re still working on our plan for this section…

And then home to Seattle :)

Family World Trip Overview
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