Pre-Teen Pre-Flight Commentary



I think I’ve mentioned that my older son, CAM, is a reluctant traveler. But his inherent grumpiness about everything travel-related sometimes leads to some genuinely funny moments. Here’s a couple from our recent trip to Mexico.

On the shuttle from parking to the terminal

CAM (At the top of his voice): The only thing which could make my day worse, would be if we’re flying with Ryanair. Please tell me we’re not flying with Ryanair?

At the gate – as our boarding passes were being checked

CAM: Why aren’t we checking in any bags?
Me: Because Alaska started charging $25 per checked bag yesterday.
CAM: (Stopping hard, looking aghast) Alaska charges $25 for a checked bag!
(Gate attendant looks uncomfortable and – understandably – wishes we would quickly move into the jetway)
Me: Yes, Alaska charges for checked bags now. Can we please move?
CAM: I bet Virgin America doesn’t charge for checked bags. Why are we not flying Virgin?

So there you have it: the reality of chosing which airline to fly with from the perspective of a 12-year-old.


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6 thoughts on “Pre-Teen Pre-Flight Commentary

  1. Victoria

    It’s been in the news in the UK that Ryan Air are considering charging to go to the loo on planes. ‘Because not everyone uses the loos and it’s unfair on those who don’t that it’s included in the ticket price’. As you can imagine, it caused uproar!

  2. Beth Whitman

    I discovered EVA Air is VERY strict about the weight of your carry on bag and had to check mine though I wasn’t prepared to do so. In the words of Rosanne, Rosannadanna – “If it’s not one thing, it’s another!”

  3. Workerbee

    I don’t understand the no-checked bag mentality as it would encourage more carry-ons. There’s not enough space in the racks as is.

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