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that’s news to me

Sometimes I come across articles on other people’s blogs or websites which are too good not to share.

The ONLY way to travel:
Apparently, if you travel with a Superhero, everything goes swimmingly. You have to smile as you read Amy Graff’s story of her recent airport experience with a child in a super-hero cape. I’m sure there’s moms out there who will keep this in mind the next time they travel. Thanks to the folks at TravelsWithChild for sharing this one.

Just in 2008, my super-independent eight-year-old managed to get lost in:

  • Trafalgar Square
  • Heathrow, Terminal 4
  • A large Barnes & Noble in Seattle

In case you think I’m an irresponsible parent, you should know that in all cases, he was found either sitting on the floor reading a book (but totally out of sight) or just a few feet away, in plain view, but in a very, very large crowd.

My biggest panic when we couldn’t see him in Trafalgar Square? That if he realized he was lost, I knew he didn’t know the number of the cell phone I was holding in my hand – which would be the easiest way for a concerned adult to help him find us. Thankfully, there’s a new product available, the Spot-Me-ID, which I plan to stock up on for future trips. And it is ‘On The Move Approved’ by the TravelingMamas. What more can I say?

Since we travel through Heathrow regularly, I’m equally excited to read about AC on the London Underground and intrigued by the potential demise of the Heathrow. There’s no doubt that the controversy over a third runway at Heathrow has been dragging on and even if approved, will come with a hefty price tag. I’ll be watching this story unfold.

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