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Flips Are Fantastic


We took our Flip Mino for a test-drive on our recent trip to Whistler, so today for Photo Friday I’m going to showcase some video clips which we took on that trip instead of still photos – just for fun.

Setting up the Flip is incredibly easy. Literally, you take it out of the box, connect it to your PC and once charged, it just works. It’s also tiny, a truly pocket-sized device. The geek in me loves the fact that there are no memory cards or other storage media to fiddle with. This is truly a well-designed product. Taking videos is just a snap, so easy in fact, that I was able to record this short clip while snowboarding along-side CAM.

And here’s one the WanderDad took of BigB and me coming in towards the Catskinner chair on Blackcomb.

I have two small criticisms of the Flip Mino: firstly, 2x digital zoom isn’t quite enough for filming your children tearing down mountains. They become indistinguishable dots on the horizon very quickly. The range of the zoom is only about 30 feet which is OK, but not great. Secondly, within moments of downloading my video clips to my PC, I found myself hunting around online for video editing software. The application supplied with the Flip is very good at helping a novice user navigate through downloading and copying videos from the device to the PC, but does very little else.

Wander on over to DeliciousBaby for some more Photo Friday fun. And if you’re so inclined, Amazon.com has a great selection of Flip camcorders.

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