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Albufeira Promenade

spring break in portugal

Albufeira Promenade
The promenade in Albufeira, at lunch with Grandparents.

The schools will be out (again!) in the next couple of weeks for mid-winter break. This is usually the time when I start thinking about what to do or where to go for Spring Break. My boys are in different schools (elementary and middle) so some years their Spring Break happens on different weeks – which is a royal nuisance. But when the school closure dates line up, April is a great time of the year to take advantage of lower prices for airfares between the U.S. and Europe. Here’s a selection of photos from our trip to the Algarve in Portugal in 2007. I love Ireland and always love getting to hang out with family, but it’s wet and windy in April. So, family members joined us in Portugal where it was fairly warm, with bright sunny days – and, as you can see, brought smiles all around.

Boys on a beach walk in Carvoeiro
Beach walk in Carvoeiro – which is the pretty village where we stayed.

Cillian and Jim
CAM and his Grandfather

Kids with ice-cream
Sometimes you need to add ice-cream to get kids to sit still for a photo.

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