More Ryanair Madness


Today is Photo Friday and I should just post a travel-related photo, but I came across this news article this morning and it’s so nutty, I just had to blog about it.

Charging for using airplane toilets???
What utter insanity.

Not to mention that comparing this to coin-access toilets at bus or train stations is idiocy. The bus and train companies may charge for facilities at stations, but they don’t charge while on the bus or train. I don’t think I’d have a problem if toilets at airports were coin-access. But charging a captive audience for usage of conveniences while on the plane is ridiculous – I mean, it’s not as if you can go anywhere else if you need to go at 10,000 feet!


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4 thoughts on “More Ryanair Madness

  1. Lucy

    Haha! me too!

    Although actually the first thing that sprang to mind when I saw this was, oh goodie, now while I’m being driven mad by the loud idiot on the mobile phone next to me, I can calm my nerves with a quick game of ‘scrabble around in your handbag for change for the loo’ (a game you must play against the clock, for extra fun!)

  2. wandermom

    @DeliciousBaby: no kidding! I bet they haven’t even thought of the complications for pregnant women – although, being Ryanair, they probably don’t care!

    @Lucy: exactly! who needs that kind of (additional) stress while traveling?

  3. Monna

    We live in Barcelona which is very well served by a number of budget airlines… Vueling, Click Air, Easy Jet and Ryan Air to name a few. Within the last year it has become mandatory for all airlines to give an online price that includes taxes and fuel fees… and that’s an excellent move but, unfortunately, we have also seen an increase in “extra” charges including luggage, using a credit card to pay for the transaction and checking in at the airport (which, in the case of Ryan Air, we are not permitted to do online as we are foreigners). This newest charge is honestly the final straw for me. We only have four months left in Europe but we won’t be flying with Ryan Air given the other options available.

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