8 Tips for Family Travel to Thailand


Thailand-ElephantsThailand is a one of the most family-friendly holiday destinations in the world and offers unique experiences that your kids will treasure for a lifetime.

There’s plenty to do to satisfy every family member’s interest.

Mom and the teenagers will go gaga over shopping in the local markets such as the Chatuchak weekend market (one of the largest in the world), the Suan Lum night market and the Chiang Mai night bazaar.

For those who prefer the mall scene, MBK, Discovery Centre and Siam Square are the places to go for more localized shopping, while the Emporium and Siam Paragon house international designer brands. Wherever you decide to shop, great finds are guaranteed. Bangkok is truly a shopper’s paradise!

Dad and the always-hungry boys will never starve with the cheap, delectable food available at every corner. Thai food is a distinct taste all its own and they will have a hard time getting their fill.

If you have the time, you may want to do an excursion to the Damnemsaduak Floating Market. You can walk around the area or, for a more authentic experience, take a boat and join the melee of watercraft of various shapes and sizes used by local merchants to ferry their goods along the canals.

The culture and heritage buff will not find Thailand lacking, with its conservative Buddhist temples, historical architectural masterpieces and traditional hilltribes.

The adventurous and nature-lover will get soaked in endless natural attractions and outdoor activities, from water sports along the white sand beaches of Phuket to trekking in the highlands of the northern region.

In planning your family vacation, consider these 8 tips for family travel on Thailand holidays:

1. Stay in hotels where a suite or adjoining rooms are very affordable.

2. Visit the beach where family fun is free.

3. Stock up on groceries and spices from the store so the kids can learn how to cook using interesting foods.

4. Consider booking a tour through a company so that you don’t have to make all the plans yourself.

5. Spend time at the local markets. Not only will you find great bargains, you will also get to hone your children’s haggling skills!

6. Tour the Grand Palace and Buddhist temples for a dose of exotic culture.

7. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get up close to and learn about the elephants. The whole family will surely love this out-of-the-ordinary adventure with these charming giants.

8. Include a dinner with cultural show in your itinerary for a magical family evening.

Go bring your family and discover the amazing allures of Thailand!


Photo credit:
Thailand: Ayutthaya: puuikibeach


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