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Albufeira Adventure Park

While in Portugal with our kids this past summer we had plenty of sun days and pool days and even a couple of beach days but we got to the point where we were all done with lazing in the sun. So what did we do instead? We went zip-lining at the very fun Algarve Adventure Park in Albufeira. This turned out to be an excellent choice for our group of kids ranging in age from five to 15.

After the friendly and helpful French instructors kitted us out with harnesses and gave us necessary safety instructions we were off – with the littlest leading the way.

My niece, C, at 5 and diminutive, was fearless on the ropes. All the trails at the park are color-coded by height and ability which was helpful for steering the younger kids to lines they could safely manage alone.

Or sometimes with a helping hand from their older cousin.

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