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Photo Friday: Wicklow Way


MT’s mention of the Wicklow Way in her recent post made me realize that I really don’t write about Ireland enough on this blog. So today I thought I’d redress that a little by sharing some photos of the scenery along this 127km trail which winds through the Dublin and Wicklow mountains.


Mountains in Ireland are one of the reasons why it’s a fantastic family hiking destination. The mountains are old (literally, they’re ‘old fold mountains’ as opposed to ‘new fold mountains’ such as the Himalayas) and weathered and therefore perfect for hikes with young children who aren’t quite ready for steep inclines. Not to mention that in Ireland it’s hard to walk anywhere without having to pass a dell, glade or valley or even a pile of rocks which is named after a fairy, giant, prince or saint – all good fodder for young imaginations and a great way to distract from the efforts of hiking.

Powerscourt Waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall with Djouce Mt in the background.

Wicklow Way 2

Powerscourt Grounds

And that photo, my friends, clearly shows why Ireland is called ‘The Emerald Isle’. If you’re planning a visit, make sure you have good rain gear because there’s a price for all that greenery, and yes, it means that it rains in Ireland pretty much in every season.

We stayed in this area on an extended visit to Ireland in 2000 and hiked around the Tibradden Mt. with our boys, then 4 and 6 months. The abundance of sheep was a fun distraction – especially when the sheep were looking in our kitchen window. For our trip, we rented one of these Dublin Cottages which I highly recommend.

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Photo credits: pleeker, miert, martindo, don_quilty

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