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Cheer for Earth Day with WEEE-Man


This is WEEE-Man. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, waste which usually ends up in landfill but from which this seven-foot tall piece of artwork was constructed. His teeth are computer mice, his eyes the doors of front-loader washers. Within the structure there are kitchen appliances such as toasters and microwave ovens; large appliances like washers and tumble dryers; plenty of computer-related equipment and even an electric lawn-mower.


The WEEE-Man currently lives at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. When we visited last month, I have to say I was totally fascinated by this installation. The second picture above gives a better idea of the WEEE-Man’s size and, when you’ve taken that in, here’s the thought I’d like to leave you with this Earth Day: the amount of material used to construct this structure is equivalent to the amount that an average individual will throw away during his or her lifetime. Shocking, eh?

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