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Traveling With Kids Author Event At Powells Bookstore

powellsbooks logoIt’s one thing to come up with an idea for a book. It’s another to actually write it and see it in print. Both of these experiences are overwhelming and exciting and there are days when I can’t believe that I helped develop an idea and co-wrote a book.

Being invited to give a talk at Powell’s Books in Portland about the book, Traveling With Kids, is an entirely new experience. What? You mean me? Give a talk at Powell’s? No, really, you have to be kidding!

But it’s true. At 2pm this coming Saturday, November 14th, I’ll be at Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing store. Yes, OK, it’s not the fabled downtown City of Books, but it is a 35,000 square foot store with the largest children’s book section of any book store on the West Coast. I think that’s worth noting.

My children are duly impressed. Powell’s is their favorite “attraction” in Portland.


If you’re in the area, do come down and say “Hi”. If you have questions about traveling with children domestically or internationally, infants to teens, I hope I’ll be able to help you with them.

To help reassure you that this will be a worthwhile hour or so, I thought I’d share what some of the travel-blogging moms (and dads) had to say about the Traveling With Kids book:

From the TravelingMamas.com (now TheVacationGals.com): “Chapters include everything from Pre-Trip Planning to Flight Plans to Responsible Travel, which focuses on teaching your children how to respect other cultures and respect the environment.” Full review here.

From Travels With Children: “Written by traveling moms Leslie Forsberg and Michelle Duffy, Traveling with Kids will be a useful resource for families traveling around the world or within their home state.” Full review here.

From MotherOfAllTrips: “Reading it is like talking to a friend who knows you well, has been everywhere, and has all kinds of practical, realistic, and nonjudgmental advice to offer.” Full review here.

On the esteemed Perceptive Travel, editor Tim Leffel wasn’t quite so glowing, but he did say: “Despite a few quibbles though, this book excels far more than it sputters. Its 300+ pages of advice will help nearly any tentative mom prepare for getting away from home with one or more little ones along.” Full review here.

So there you have it, good reason to come on over to Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing store this coming Saturday, November 14th at 2pm. I’m looking forward to meeting you to talk about Traveling With Kids – yours!

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