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Hello From Sydney

Today’s Photo Friday post comes from Sydney. We had a busy day out on our first day trying to stay outside and active so that we could stay awake until evening-time here. This is a strategy which I’ve used time and again to help my children adjust to a new timezone quickly. The down side is that it’s never an easy thing to do and yesterday I realized that it’s even trickier when traveling in ‘single parent mode’. Hence, I’m a little too discombobulated to write much today so let’s just get to the photos, shall we?

Me and my nephew, LittleL. (Excuse the baseball cap please, it’s an emergency post-17-hours-flying method of making myself presentable for the camera.)
LittleL examines CAM curiously. CAM eases into the role of capable older cousin with aplomb.
LittleL wishes his mom would pay him a little more attention. Don’t worry folks, within minutes of taking this photo he was happily nursing – which his cousins found absolutely fascinating.
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