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All About Tulips At Eden Project


For Photo Friday today, I’m sharing my totally self-indulgent flower photos. Much easier to capture in the right pose than children will ever be :) These photos were taken at the Mediterranean Biome of the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK in March. By now, I hope you’ve been able to enjoy tulips blooming in your own garden and it’s been a colorful show.



There, don’t you feel so much better imagining the feeling of standing in a field of tulips surrounded by a riot of color and scent? Happy Friday!


dante-for-fun-the-purgatory dante-for-fun-the-hell

When I saw Debbie’s photo today, I just had to share the last two books I bought for my boys while traveling – also in Italy. They were a find in a little Italian bookstore which only had about one shelf of English books. Unfortunately these books are not available on Amazon.com, but if you’re in Italy it’s definitely worthwhile to check a bookstore or two for copies. The illustrations are hilarious and though the material is obviously weighty, my kids were just enthralled.

Head on over to DeliciousBaby for more fun Friday travel photos.

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