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The Great Wall Of China


Once you heard we were going to visit China you knew there’d be a Great Wall photo (or twenty). Let’s just get this over and done with, shall we?

We opted to take a tour all the way out to Simatai – a three hour drive from Beijing – to hike the Great Wall. It was a 10k hike along a less-touristed part of the Wall (the drive being pretty de-motivating for most people) and I thought it was spectacular. It was everything I imagined the Great Wall would be: a crenellated medieval wall in a remote, mountainous part of China. Murph wasn’t so sure that it was worth the effort – it’s just as well that I do most of our planning.


That small black spot near the front of the picture is BigB, marching off into the distance. Pretty cool photo, eh?


This is a gratuitous “in case you were jealous” photo. The hike was only 10k but it was pretty strenuous with some fairly steep sections and a lot of crumbling brick – but it was still worth it.

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Information on traveling to China with Children.

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