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Being a host rather than a traveler for Christmas guests

seatac-arrivalsThis year, for the Christmas holidays, we will not be traveling. Instead, my sister and her husband, will be visiting from the U.K. – on his first visit to the U.S.

Family visits are always fun, but when you live far away from your family, as we do, visits tend to be infrequent – maybe once a year, and guests stay for longer – at least 10 days rather than just for a weekend. Both of these things can create additional stress on the hosts and the visitors – except when people visit around the holidays.

As Kayt from TravelSavvyMom mentions in her article on Christmas Markets, sometimes it’s difficult to get that holiday feeling when you live away from family. Christmas is my favorite holiday: I’m always going to put up a tree and festoon it with abandon, but I sometimes feel sad that I won’t be sharing my minced pies and mulled wine with the rest of my extended family.

So, I’m excited to host. Even though it’s cold and Seattle is not at it’s best in the winter – our guests may ride the elevator to the top of the Space Needle for example, but will likely not see much from the top – I’m looking forward to their arrival. I’m currently putting together a list of things for them to see and do the greater Seattle/Portland/Vancouver area. If you have any ideas or favorite winter things to do, please, leave a comment with your suggestion.

Happy Holidays!

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