You Just Can’t Get Away From The Guinness



You can be in a remote town in Mexico, way off the beaten tourist path and there it is, right in front of you: a Guinness sign with the signature address from your home town and the iconic Irish harp logo. As my brother-in-law (who took this photo) said: “You just can’t get away from the Guinness!”.

2009 is Guinness’ 250 year anniversary and they’re celebrating (surprise!) with a 250 Anniversary Stout and a contest to win a trip to Dublin. Go on, enter. You never know, you may be in Dublin to join in the celebrations!

I’m just sharing the love by mentioning this contest here. There were no payments or sponsorships received by yours truly, although I wouldn’t say no if a six-pack or a t-shirt was to magically appear on my doorstep :).

Enjoy more Photo Friday fun at DeliciousBaby.

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". . .life is short and the world is wide" - Simon Raven I'm not sure I've ever consciously planned a trip based on this sentiment, but it definitely influences my subconscious! I've been traveling as frequently and widely as possible since I finished school. And I love it. I love the research, the planning, the fervent packing and the curiosity of exploring somewhere I've never been before. My husband & I are both Irish - as in born-in-Ireland. But we live in Seattle. We have two boys: wild, boisterous, regular boys. So, since becoming a Mom, I've been a WanderMom. Given our slightly-unusual family situation, routine "visits-to-Grandma" are international trips requiring passports, 10hr-flights and (oh joy!) airport transfers. I have rants, raves and opinions about how, where & why to travel with kids (start them as young as you can, I say!). I hope to learn even more by researching topics which other wandermoms may be interested in reading about on this blog. Passports, pacifiers, diapers and gameboys at the ready - off we go! Contact Info: Email Michelle: michelle (at) murphnduff (dot) org

11 thoughts on “You Just Can’t Get Away From The Guinness

  1. marina villatoro

    Guiness is almost like a pop culture:) I remember traveling in Ireland and the billboards had pregnant women drinking guiness saying it was good for you. it’s like a whole meal and culture in one!
    Photo Friday – Beautiful Lago Amatitlan

  2. wandermom

    @Cate: “being everywhere”
    I couldn’t resist sharing some Guinness trivia on that: Guinness was first shipped to England in 1769, to Lisbon in 1811 and then to Barbados, Trinidad and Sierra Leone in 1820.
    The first brewery outside the British Isles was opened in Nigeria in 1963.
    Just, you know, in case you were wondering :)
    (Trivia source:

  3. Victoria

    I was hoping you meant Guiness the beer, and you did! We’ve had Guiness in Tokyo, which was my most exotic Guiness outpost, but I think a beach in Mexico is more incongruous. It’s not something I’d feel like drinking on a hot day!

  4. Dominique

    It’s always funny to see something far from where you expect to see it…kind of like watching Detroit television on Prince Edward Island (we’d turned on the television to see if we could get a local weather report for PEI and newscasters with local news from Detroit greeted us!–this was before we all traveled with laptops and had easy access to WiFi to get our local to where we were news and weather).

  5. Brother-in-Law

    @Wandermom: “British Isles”??? I’m apalled. And in a post about Guinness to boot. Surely you meant North West Atlantic Archipelago? :-)

  6. wandermom

    @Brother-in-Law: OK. Crap. You’ve got me. By 1963 it should have been “outside the U.K. or Republic Of Ireland”. Geo-political associations, they’re tricky to keep track of y’know – particularly when a person is focusing on the beer for heaven’s sakes…

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