Yazd Iran Street Scenes


Yazd, in South-Central Iran, is an ancient city on the edge of not one, but two deserts. On the roofs of these buildings in the old town you can see bagdirs or windcatchers, natural air-conditioning units. In order to get this great view, we had to climb up on an abandoned mosque…

which gave my boys some excellent, if mom-heart-stopping photo-posing opportunities.

Wandering through the back streets we also came across some doors like this one, with male and female door knockers. The knockers make different sounds allowing home-owners to know whether the person at the door is male or female and then decide whether or not to answer the door – just as you or I might screen our phone calls.

It’s hot in Iran in July, particularly in the desert. Most people stay inside during the heat of the day and instead come out to run errands and shop in the late evening – and by late evening I mean after 10pm at night.

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