Photo Friday: Taronga Zoo Fun


Taronga Zoo Photo Fun at Taronga Zoo

Since I’ve started blogging about traveling with my children I’ve become, what CAM disdainfully calls, a ‘paparazzi mom’. Hence, when we arrived at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, I just had to get a photo of the boys with this over-sized Koala.

And then I left the camera with my kids while I picked up a coffee. My back was turned for less than five minutes but I didn’t discover the photos they took when I wasn’t looking until some time later.

IMG 0772


IMG 0770

Not cute. Mischievous. That’s my boys.

This post is part of a Photo Friday series.

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Information on planning a visit to Australia.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Taronga Zoo Fun

  1. Jen

    That is absolutely hilarious!!! And I love the fact that they call you Paparazzi Mom! There are no candid shots to be had anymore because when my kids see a camera now they automatically turn and smile!

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