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The View from my Window

Posted on | November 13, 2012 | No Comments



I recently moved teams at work. This is the priceless view from my new desk. My team will likely move again, office shuffles being a common feature of any corporate environment, but for now every time I stare out the window, it’s a treat. I don’t think I’m daydreaming any more or less than when I didn’t have a picture window view but I do know that I value the view every time. It’s the strangest thing. The water is calming and peaceful and watching the ducks beats YouTube cat videos by a mile.

Fremont, the neighborhood where I’m located is north of Seattle’s downtown core (where most Seattle hotels are located) but for me, this is the quintessential Seattle ‘hood. There’s quirky street art, funky locally-owned stores and restaurants and my I see my city’s outdoorsy nature passing by my window all day every day.

Rowers from the various crew teams fly by all day long. The odd kayaker or even kayaking tour group paddles by on their way from Lake Union to the Puget Sound, people pass walking, running and cycling on the Burke Gilman trail and I’ve even spotted the odd paddle-boarder. There’s a continual stream of boats of all shapes and sizes and yesterday’s unusual sighting was two tugs escorting a houseboat (how very Sleepless in Seattle!).


But really the headline act on my window stage is the ducks. Definitely beats the cat-videos 🙂

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Photo credits: kahunapulej, awilliams53

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