King Pork Cheops

pig photos


If you visited Seattle in summer 2001, you may have noticed some interesting street art: there were decorated pigs all around the city. This was a fund-raising effort by Pike Place Market. The pigs, of course, were in honor of Rachel, the life-size bronze piggy-bank who sits at the entrance to the market.

King Pork Cheops
CAM and BigB (although he wasn’t so big then) with King Pork Cheops.

Pig Tales With Mom
PigTales was CAM’s favorite pig.

Pig Tales Detail
I think he just loved this twist on the traditional princess-kisses-frog story.

You can see more of the pigs at the Images of Seattle website.

Check out more photos in the Photo Friday series at Delicious Baby.

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6 thoughts on “pig photos

  1. Amy @ The Q Family

    That’s very neat. When we went to Hong Kong we saw the pig’s party as well. :) That’s what my daughter called them anyway. It was the pig year so they showcased pig that was created by local artist. Very interesting!

  2. Linda (minnemom)

    They did this a few years ago in St. Paul, home of Charles Schulz, with various Peanuts characters. I think it would have made a great tour to find most or all of them, scattered around the city.

  3. wandermom

    Hi Linda,
    I think Peanuts characters beats pigs :)
    We were actually doing a tour of the pigs on the day these were taken. We didn’t visit all the neighborhoods in the city, but we hit a few. The boys just loved it. Perfect thing to do on a summer day.

    And Amy, there was a repeat pig parade in 2007 to celebrate the market’s 100 year anniversary and the Year of the Pig. I love the “pig’s party” description.

  4. Dominique

    I love it when cities do these animal projects. My hometown did polar bears a few years back (as a tie-in with the opening of then-new Arctic Ring of Life at the Detroit Zoo), and you’ll occasionally see different animals when you travel elsewhere. I did an article about the polar bear project for a local newspaper at the time. It was a neat chance to showcase local artists, and I think I remember they ended up auctioning off the bears at the end of the display period to benefit the artist and local charities. There’s at least one business in town that has one of these animals on permanent display in front of their building (a big purple and orange frog).

    I remember seeing horses in Saratoga Springs, NY, frogs in Erie, PA and cows in Chicago.

    Fun photos. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Debbie Dubrow

    Last summer E and I arrived at Pike’s market one morning just in time to see the Pigs parade. We stood by the sidelines as one colorful pig after another streamed by.

    E’s fav by far was the one coated in chalkboard paint (there was chalk for the kids to color with too)

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