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monday dreaming: top 5 destinations


I’m loving coming up with posts for the Monday Dreaming series started by MotherOfAllTrips. There are just so many places on this planet which I can’t wait to visit – and of course, since we’re currently planning a RTW trip with our children, we’re already brainstorming ideas for places to go and things to see or do on that trip.

Today, I decided not to focus on one place, but instead to share the ideas which we each came up with on our first “where should we go?” conversation. There are two reasons for this: (i) I want to document our starting point and (ii) I realize that our lists reflect our current interests before we start truly researching countries and destinations. I know there are many other places we should be considering.

I’ve arranged the top-5 lists by person so you can also get a flavor for the personalities involved.

Mt Fuji
Mt. Fuji, Photo credit: Flickr

BigB: Eight years old, a have-toothbrush-will-travel guy, eager to get going.

  • Hawaii. He’s seen the photos of our trip to Hawaii when he was three weeks old, but we haven’t been back since.
  • Mt. Fuji. Studied Japan at school last year and is fascinated by everything Japanese – this is mom-speak for he loves his Nintendo DS.
  • A paradise island like Fiji. Again, a family tale he’s heard of but which happened while he was in utero.
  • Tokyo. Japan is definitely a theme here.
  • The Pyramids at Giza. Interesting, he doesn’t even know that this was the first place I visited as a solo traveler.

Kilauea, Photo credit: Flickr

CAM: 12 years old, prefers to stay at home rather than travel anywhere – except maybe to places he’s already been.

  • Kilauea, Hawaii. A budding scientist wants to see the earth growing in front of his eyes.
  • Ireland. So familiar to him it could be Seattle.
  • Iceland. Oh, also prefers to visit cooler climes.
  • Greece. Paros specifically. This falls into the “places we’ve already visited” category.
  • Seattle

Santiago Chile
Santiago, Chile, Photo credit: Flickr

WanderDad: Current choice for departure date: tomorrow.

  • Chile. To tromp in the steps of that other famous Irishman: Bernardo O’Higgins.
  • Petra, Jordan. Thousands of years old and still there.
  • Thailand. He says it’s for the bar girls, but I don’t believe him.
  • Carthage. Everyone else does Greek or Roman, he wants to learn about the Phoenicians.
  • Iran. A country with a fascinating culture and history.

Havana, Photo credit: Flickr

WanderMom (me): The family juggler, planner and organizer. Chomping at the bit to go, but insisting that we take the time to plan.

So, where or what do you suggest we add to our list of places to visit and why? Leave me a note in the comments. I look forward to researching all of your suggestions.

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". . .life is short and the world is wide" - Simon Raven I'm not sure I've ever consciously planned a trip based on this sentiment, but it definitely influences my subconscious! I've been traveling as frequently and widely as possible since I finished school. And I love it. I love the research, the planning, the fervent packing and the curiosity of exploring somewhere I've never been before. My husband & I are both Irish - as in born-in-Ireland. But we live in Seattle. We have two boys: wild, boisterous, regular boys. So, since becoming a Mom, I've been a WanderMom. Given our slightly-unusual family situation, routine "visits-to-Grandma" are international trips requiring passports, 10hr-flights and (oh joy!) airport transfers. I have rants, raves and opinions about how, where & why to travel with kids (start them as young as you can, I say!). I hope to learn even more by researching topics which other wandermoms may be interested in reading about on this blog. Passports, pacifiers, diapers and gameboys at the ready - off we go! Contact Info: Email Michelle: michelle (at) murphnduff (dot) org

14 thoughts on “monday dreaming: top 5 destinations

  1. Greg Wesson

    Interesting about the Japan desire for BigB. When I was talking with my 13 year old nephew recently, he said to me, “I want to go and live in Japan.”

    “I’ve been to Japan,” I said.

    “Did you go to Nintendo?” he asked excitedly.

    “Umm, no,” I said, not sure if Nintendo was more than just a company.

    Turns out he wants to go and live in Japan to be a video game designer for Nintendo. Why can’t you work as a video game designer here in North America, I asked.

    “All the best games are designed in Japan,” he said, rolling his eyes, no doubt thinking, “duh… Stupid uncles…”

  2. Wanderdad

    Gosh – what a kidder Wandermom is – heh, heh. Prez. Cheney (and Mr. Bush) – rest assured that the only way that this family would ever visit Cuba is if your éminence grise should choose to guantanimoficate us. As for Iran, that’s probably a typo. for Ireland – we have a flky kbrd.

  3. Catherine

    We’re in the pre-planning stages of a rtw trip ourselves, and I can relate to having to consider the different criteria and interests of the family members involved. My 5 year old daughter Riley has Rwanda on the top of her list because the country’s flag has a big R on it!

    As for a destination suggestion, I’d recommend the Galapagos islands (and Ecuador in general). My husband and I spent a few months there pre-kids, and now I can’t wait to see the joy on the girls’ faces as they swim with playful sea lions, graceful penguins and “safe” sharks.

  4. jamie

    I am inspired to put these questions to my own family! I find that when I make my own list, I’m so often doing it with kids in mind. As in, I have to take the kids to Alaska…I have to take the kids to New York…

  5. wandermom

    @Greg: Seems like I don’t have the only video-game-inspired Japan-lovers. What’s ironic in my household? Their Dad actually works with a US game platform manufacturer – but that doesn’t seem to have killed their Nintendo-worship.

    @Catherine: Rwanda, huh? Well, good look with that one. I’m stumped for any parental bon mots which might help you convince her otherwise.
    Thanks for those suggestions.

    @Jamie: Do, ask your kids the question. It’s fascinating to see what they come up with. Once we started talking, the lists got longer and longer.

  6. hammockinparadise

    I love the post and the ideas for destinations and your descriptions of when everyone in the family would love to depart. Your eight year old sounds like an amazing adventurer!

  7. Mara

    What struck me about these lists was their diversity – you’ve got some different interests in your family. Should be interesting to see how you work them out!

    I would put in a plug for South Africa. I’ve never been there, but my parents have lots of times and I think it’s a pretty amazing place. The animals you’ll see are tremendous, you can taste phenomenal wines and food, the scenery is gorgeous, and I think culturally it’s pretty family friendly.

  8. Jessiev

    Wonderful lists – i love the diversity of them. I can name all the top places for all 3 of us in our family – but i think i’ll ask them again, and see what comes out. GREAT idea!! YAHOO!

    and as to japan – it is the BEST place. i lived there and LOVED it!!

  9. jordan

    Alex and I were in Lhasa Tibet a few years ago. It was amazing. I definitely recommend.

    I’m getting excited for your trip, and I’m not even going. :)

  10. wandermom

    Mara: South Africa is definitely on the list. CAM has stated that he doesn’t want to go near Africa – because he’s afraid of AIDS (lol!). We’re just working on story to convince him he’ll be safe.

    Jordan: Thrilled to see your comment – and thanks for posting on FB too.

    I’m glad that I’ve inspired other moms to have this conversation with their kids. You’ll have to let me know what makes their top-5 lists.

  11. Victoria

    Hi, I’ve just stumbled across your website in the course of my own RTW planning. We are going in two years when my children will be eight, six and four. The oldest wants to visit Australia because her favourite teacher is from there and the middle one wants to visit Thailand to eat fried insects and ride on an elephant. The youngest doesn’t currently care as long as it involves a bus trip!

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