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How to take your baby skiing

Meet Jay, who runs one of the equipment rental stores in Whistler. I met Jay and his family when we stopped for lunch on Blackcomb Mt during our New Year trip to Whistler. It was difficult NOT to notice him as he threw off his ski jacket and I realized that he was carrying a baby in a Baby Bjorn. It was also obvious that he had skied with the baby in the front pack.

I’ve heard about people doing this, but I’ve never met anyone who has. Jay explained that yes, he was a pretty experienced skier. He also cautioned that the resort doesn’t sanction taking a baby skiing in a front pack. Still, to me, this is an example of how you can still do all the things you like to do – with an infant. As Jay said, “we don’t ski the same way, it takes us longer to get out on the mountain and we don’t ski the same terrain, but, for us, it was the only way we could keep skiing.”

And the baby? Five months old, happy as a clam strapped to his Dad’s chest with a healthy glow from all that fresh air.

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15 thoughts on “have baby will ski

  1. globalgal

    That is fantastic. Will show husband, who is an avid skier. We are both determined to keep on traveling and doing the things we like to do when a baby eventually joins our family. Blogs like yours and Delicious Baby, etc. are excellent reminders this can be done! (Funny how a lot of people think life with kids means sitting in front of the TV. Of course, I am a completely childless person…)

  2. Caitlin

    That reminds me of a couple I met who took their baby/toddler kayaking on the basis that they never capsized and knew how to do an eskimo roll. Obviously they only took the kid on flat waters.

  3. soultravelers3

    Oh my! Reminds me how my husband always took our newborn out with him, wrapped next to his bare chest in a BabyBundler while he worked on the vineyard and she slept.

    We started to put our Pinot Noir vineyard in when we found out we were pregnant, so there was work to be done. It also gave me a nice break as she needed to be on someone all the time, as it was the only way she would sleep as she had a few medical problems.

    The pictures are funny because he looks pregnant, but it worked out really well for us and still makes us smile at the thought.

  4. Mara

    I hate to say it, but I would never do this. They don’t recommend that small children ski without helmets anymore. I can’t imagine that this is safe. Even the most experienced skier could hit a bump or ice and lose control.

    There are lots of ways to get your newborn outdoors in the winter w/out skiing (snowshoeing anyone?)

    If I didn’t want to hire a babysitter, I’d give up downhill skiing for a year or two – that’s all it would be.

  5. Carolina

    I have seen people do this, but it is a bit risky.
    It’s like with anything I suppose, maybe you’re an awesome skier but the newbie rolling down the hill could plow into you and then…o.k. so I’m still holding a grudge from a past experience.

  6. wandermom

    @globalgal: Yay! That’s totally my goal.
    @Caitlin: I have friends here in Seattle who did the same – although they did stop their kayaking habit when #2 came along.
    @soultravelers3: well snap. CAM was preemie and just lived in his Baby Bjorn for the first 3 months of his life.
    @minnemom, @Mara, @ Carolina: just to be clear gals, this is not something I recommend. I never did it. BUT, I have skied a lot with little kids and I think there’s lots of choices you can make to stay safe on green slopes, taking your time – and far away from people taking chances. It’s not too different with a newbie 3 or 4 yr-old ON skis.
    @Meg: most ski schools will run a daycare-type program for kids 2 and over which will include playing in the snow with one ski – just to get used to the feeling. Half-day lessons are typical once potty-trained.
    @Peace: and he was such a happy baby that day.

  7. Travel India

    The snap is really sweet. And well i never thought that skiing would be ever possible while traveling with new borns but you have put me wrong on that.

  8. Alexis

    Skiing with young babies is completely possible. And you don’t even have to consider the possibly dangerous front-pack option. That made me too nervous even though I’m an experience skier. My husband and I skied a full season last year with our newborn anyway. We just took turns in the lodge. You get fewer runs of course, but it’s worth it. We haven’t figured out how to do it with a toddler though. The nap schedule gets in the way.

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