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Mardi Gras

but I thought we were going to rio for mardi gras

When BigB was just a few weeks old, we took our first trip with two kids, to Kauai. With a mid-summer baby, we had thought that any travel would be out of the question that year. And then there he was, healthy, full term and sleeping like a baby. For two travel-junkie parents, to stay at home would have just been shameful.

Babe in arms, waiting for take-off.

This was a trip which stands out for great photos:

X-Files influenced posing outside an internet cafe.

CAM, adorned but sleeping.

The caption for this photo in our family album is “When I wake up, I’m going to be so mad that we’re in Hawaii – I thought we were going to Rio for Mardi Gras”. That WanderDad, he’s so witty.

Check out some more kid-family-travel photos at Photo Friday on DeliciousBaby.

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