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Cusco City View


We hung out in Cusco for four days to give ourselves time to acclimatize to the altitude before doing the Inca Trail. At the time, I thought this was a little overkill but we decided it had to be done – as opposed to risking having one of our children come down with altitude sickness while on the trail. To further prepare, we took plenty of walks in the city and up the steep trail to Sacsayhuman – from where we took this photo of the city.

I recently spent a weekend in Keystone, Colorado (courtesy, generously, of Keystone Resort) and had my first personal experience of altitude sickness. It was like having morning sickness and a bad hangover at the same time. I was miserable. To avoid this if you are planning to go into the mountains any time soon, check out this great article on how to avoid altitude sickness when traveling in the mountains.

Read more about our adventures in Peru here.

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Information on traveling to Peru with Children.

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