8 thoughts on “Mom's Top Questions About Family Travel

  1. Carolina

    Great stuff. I also wonder if the families with older kids, ask less kid-related questions. Maybe they just move out of the mom-family groups and just post or search travel information in general terms. Can’t wait what else you find, I go to the Lonely Planet family forums too.

  2. Jordan

    Hmmmm… it is weird. It may just be that parents of older kids haven’t found that particular community. If you’re looking for demand data, it might be worth mining data about what people are searching for. I think that most people with questions just search until they find the answer. Search data all seems to be targeted at people buying SEO keywords. But there’s a lot of data there:
    * http://www.seoresearchlabs.com/keyword-metrics.php
    * https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

    From a quick look at the google adwords data, here are a few thoughts…

    * ‘kids city’ and ‘kids top’ are almost as large as ‘kids travel’
    * I don’t see any evidence of the super popularity of travelling with a carseat in the search data.
    * i suspect that if you did all the math, you’d find that the searches for lots of specific destinations (“kids ireland’, ‘kids europe’, ‘kids hawaii’, ‘kids mexico’) forms a long tail that’s almost as interesting as the few major topics like carseats, the question is how do you build a site deep enough to really help people in that long tail.

  3. Linda

    I think part of it is that people know where to look for information on destinations. AAA, travel agencies, tourist bureau sites, Disney, TripAdvisor, word-of-mouth–people have ideas about what to do when they’re traveling.

    It’s the getting there that’s hard, and it seems that finding information about carseats is more difficult. Laws vary from state to state. We want to be sure we’re getting the best carseat for our child and we’ll ask other moms for help with it. Parents don’t know where to find the information they need, and when they hear the statistic that 80% of carseats are used incorrectly, they turn to the Internet to be sure they’re not doing it wrong. (That being said, as a former Child Passenger Safety Technician, I cringed at a lot of the responses on the board you linked to. Many of them were just plain wrong and sharing their misinformation with others.)

    That’s my take on it.

  4. jessiev

    interesting. i can’t imagine that THAT many people are doing car seat searches. yet as carolina said, i think that as kids get older, people find different places to get answers to their questions, and might not use the word kids!?

  5. Lorraine

    This is a good reminder of using quantitative data to become better informed. Thanks for sharing this on your blog, I’m ready to get my data mining hat on and dig in along with you.

  6. wandermom

    @Carolina, @Lorraine, @Eve: thanks for your interest – I’ll let you know when I post subsequent articles using data from travel boards and keyword searches.

    @Jordan: thanks for slapping me upside the head. I needed that :)

    @Linda: Very good point. Thanks for sharing.

    @Jessiev: I agree. Now I’m on a mission to find out where other parents are looking and what they’re looking for :)

  7. Kathleen

    Well, I don’t find it too surprising that car seats are such a prominent topic. Many people need to decide whether or not to take one with them on their trip since it can be quite a hassle to carry one on and off flights. Furthermore, some cities have taxis that provide car seats, in some places it is illegal not to have a car seat in a taxi, etc. There is so much that goes into planning seemingly unimportant details when traveling! When we took our disney vacation last year, we didn’t take the car seat (we were flying) and it was an absolute nightmare! No taxis or car rental places had car seats to rent. Needless to say, this time we bought a stroller with a seat that also works as a car seat.

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