Deuter Kid Comfort II: A Kid Backpack Review


Deuter Kid Comfort II

The Deuter Kid Comfort II is one of the best kid backpack carriers on the market. I’m thrilled to welcome my sister, MT, as a guest blogger on with her review of this product.

As avid hikers and skiers we have been looking for something to replace the Baby Bjorn which we used from when our son was a newborn until he recently outgrew it. We needed a child backpack carrier which would be suitable for short hikes with the Small Boy, adjustable to allow for our differing heights and compact enough for traveling to and from ski resorts.

Why The Deuter Kid Comfort II?

While not the most compact model and certainly not the least expensive the Deuter Kid Comfort II from Deuter sport is specially designed for hiking with infants and comes with the additional reassurance of German engineering and safety tested guarantees. It is suitable for infants from once they can sit unaided until they are 22kg. The child seat is height adjustable so your infant can sit in the correct position as well as be precisely fitted in the 5-point safety belt. He or she will have enough wriggle roo-m to be comfortable and safe and still be able to see everything around them throughout the hike.

Deuter Kid Comfort II

What attracted us to the Deuter Kid Comfort II model over others was its Vari-Quick Carrying system. If, like us, you are a couple with one partner a good few inches shorter than the other (I am 5ft 8 whereas the Small Boys’ father is 6ft 4), a carrier which can be easily adjusted to fit either parent on-the-fly is a necessity. This model has an adjustable Velcro strap, which allows you to amend the settings easily to comfortable fit one parent or other mid-hike. First you adjust the hip strap and then move the Velcro insert to the desired position. Once this is done you just adjust the shoulder and stabilizer straps as with any backpack and off you go. It doesn’t take long at all!

Deuter Kid Comfort II

Added Extras With The Deuter Kid Comfort III

The Kid Comfort III also comes with an inbuilt sun and rain cover. We chose the slightly less expensive Kid Comfort II model which has a detachable sun and rain cover which came free with our purchase on the day. Whatever model you go for bear in mind that a sun cover is a must have particularly in the summer and at ski resorts. As friends of ours with an older infant have said, “What infant will keep shades on for any length of time to protect their eyes from sun or snow glare?”.

Deuter Kid Comfort II

After taking the carrier for a test drive up one of our favourite short hikes, Djouce in the Wicklow mountains (which is part of the Wicklow Way), we have no hesitation recommending this product. The carrier also has an inbuilt frame which enables it to stand unsupported, a useful bonus for short stops while out and about although the frame should never be left unsupported with your infant in it!

Happy hiking!

The Deuter Kid Comfort ii is Available on

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One thought on “Deuter Kid Comfort II: A Kid Backpack Review

  1. darngooddigs

    We happen to own the Deuter Kid Comfort II, and we love it. In fact, we almost wanted to have another kid just so we could continue to use it! Our four year old just grew out of it. We spent many hours researching backpack carriers, and settled on this one. It was a splurge for us, but we love to travel and hike – so we bought it.

    Our biggest regret with it was when AlItalia lost our bags, and we actually had to buy another carrier for our hiking in Umbria. That one was good (we gave it to my sister-in-law afterwards), but I missed the Deuter on that trip. The carrier was waiting for us back out our house when we returned from Italy.

    Wandermom, let us know if you want to see our photos of our son sleeping in the back all over the country – Nova Scotia, Olympic National Park, Sedona.

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