Paddington Bear and Harry Potter Make The Day


We caught the 8:30am train from Truro to London Paddington. It seemed just wrong to pass through the station a second time without stopping for a photo of BigB, his bear and the statue of the eponymous bear.

But, we weren’t all done with trains. We needed to get to St. Pancras for our (thankfully short) train journey to Woburn, which presented us with another photo opportunity – since St. Pancras and King’s Cross stations are literally across the road from each other.


Wondering why we’d want to visit three train stations in one day? Because of Harry Potter of course! King’s Cross being, as all true fans of the boy-wizard know, the station where Harry and his school-friends disappeared through the station wall at the magical Platform 9 3/4 to catch the train to Hogwarts.

King’s Cross is a busy station and you do need to persevere through the busier platforms at the front of the station to find Platform 9 3/4. There’s also construction work happening at the station so Platform 9 3/4 isn’t currently located between Platforms 9 and 10 at all – but there are plenty of signs to the re-located site and the station staff are also well used to people wondering around, cameras in hand, in this area.


Two trains, three train stations, one very happy kid.

Head on over to DeliciousBaby for more Photo Friday fun!

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20 thoughts on “Paddington Bear and Harry Potter Make The Day

  1. Lucia

    He does look like a very happy kid. Thanks for this post.I am bookmarking it because I am hoping we will be making a trip to London in the coming year. Thanks!

  2. Mara

    Charming. I love the trains stations in London. I’m looking forward to sharing Harry Potter with my kids – we’re not quite there yet.

  3. Samantha

    I can’t believe that actually do have a Platform 9 3/4 in London! Well, I have never been to London before for that matter. I love Harry Potter and would definitely like to go visit some time!

  4. Jen

    How cool! I wish I had known that this was here in the train station when we went to visit! And Paddington? The English teacher in me is loving this post!

  5. wandermom

    @Peace I’ll tell him you were impressed by the smile – and his taste in books :)

    @Lucia Yep. That’s my happy boy. I hope this info helps. BTW: It’s a fair walk from Paddington to King’s Cross. We walked because we needed some outside time, but I’d recommend the bus (catch it outside either station) instead.

    @Beth Definitely!

    @Mara Let me know when you start with Harry Potter. It turns out there are even MORE boy-wizard book series – all lots of fun.

    @Jen and @Linda Thanks! You’re making me feel like the student who got a gold star :)

    @Amie Well, I hope if you make it back to London you get a photo of your kids with Paddington Bear

  6. Lorraine Akemann

    He looks ready to take on the world! I wish I had that much energy while traveling. Thank you for the London reminders, I used to visit those train stations in the summers as a kid (Grandma’s house was there), and have many memories about navigating the wonders of London.

  7. LiLing Pang

    That’s totally on my list for my next trip to London. My kids aren’t old enough to read Harry Potter yet, but hopefully they will love it in a few years.

  8. dimsumdiary

    That’s great! We lived in London pre-Harry Potter. It will be fun to go back now and see some of the sights with the books in mind.

  9. Pingback: Harry Potter isn’t just for kids - Tea, Sugar, a Dream

  10. teasugaradream

    Fun! Fun! Fun! Your blog inspired me to post my own blog about my Harry Potter sightings while I was in Europe!

    Debby – Tea, Sugar, a Dream

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