Bodrum Turkey Beach Restaurant Castle

The Best of Bodrum

Bodrum Turkey Beach Restaurant Castle

Beach Restaurant with a View of the Castle of St Peter, Bodrum

Best of Bodrum

The best holidays are the ones that you remember forever, and there’s something about the city of Bodrum that makes it hard to forget. Perhaps it’s the food, or the potent sense of history that envelopes the town, or maybe it’s the bustling markets and beautiful beaches. If you’re searching for sun somewhere off the beaten track to take your family, then Bodrum is the perfect destination.

Bodrum Turkey Torba Beach

Torba Beach – Bodrum

Best of Bodrum – Beaches

Bodrum is renowned for its glorious mixture of beaches. There’s plenty for sun-worshippers and water sport enthusiasts alike, ranging from quiet coves to busy swathes of tourist-friendly sea shore.
For somewhere quiet, go to Torba or Turkbuku, where you’ll find stretches of sand with barely a footprint for miles. Otherwise, in areas like Bitez and Gumbet, the beaches are lined with restaurants and bars, so you can enjoy a full day without leaving the sea-front.

Monarch Airlines – Bodrum Market

Best of Bodrum – Shopping

For an authentic Eastern experience, a trip to Bodrum’s bustling market is a must. Thrumming with activity, the town’s market place is uniquely charming. Stalls, weighed down with the likes of olives, spices, jewellery, and carpets, hide many a bargain waiting to be bartered for.

Best of Bodrum – Food

If you’re a family of foodies, Bodrum is guaranteed to delight and excite you. When it comes to cookery, the emphasis here is on freshness and depth of flavour, and the town is home to a wealth of brilliant restaurants serving affordable meals.

When dining out, make sure you try the ‘patican salatasi’ (pureed aubergine) as well as light, fluffy lavash bread. Also, in a town where you can hear the waves of the Aegean lapping the sand as you eat, the fish has to be tasted to be believed. Popular regional choices include tuna and bass, but whichever fish you choose, it’ll be freshly caught.

There are plenty of fantastic restaurants to choose from, but don’t miss Secret Garden, a tucked-away little eatery facing the marina where you can dine on incredible Turkish-European fusion cooking in a garden setting. For an authentic experience, check out the Alara Tavern in Torba knows for its simple, local vibe and unbeatable fresh fish.

This wonderful region of Turkey is a great destination for all the family, and it’s also refreshingly affordable. Visit for great deals on cheap flights to Bodrum with Monarch Airlines.

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  1. Roving Jay

    Great Photos! Bodrum is a convenient base for exploring the entire Bodrum Peninsula. You can rent a moped and drive around it in a day, stopping off for lunch near Gumusluk.

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