Silk Making in Uzbekistan


Part II on our visit to a traditional silk factory in Margilan, Uzbekistan. This time focusing on the process used.

Silk Making: Silk Worms


It starts with harvested silkworm cocoons…

Silk Making: Extracting the fiber


Then soaking the cocoons to soften so the fiber can be extracted…

Silk Making: Spinning Thread


Then stretching the raw fiber and weaving it into a thread using this machine…

Silk Making: A Skein of Silk


To produce a skein of raw silk just like this…

Silk Making: Natural Dyes


Which, in this traditional factory, is dyed using natural dyes made from plants and plant extracts.

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2 thoughts on “Silk Making in Uzbekistan

  1. Sonja

    I always wonder how somebody originally came up with ideas like spinning thread from a cocoon. So labor intensive and so interesting.

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