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I had a fantastic time at our recent “Sip And Plan” travel-themed Mom’s Night Out at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland Washington. It was great to meet new friends and see familiar faces and to get a chance to answer so many questions about my favorite topic, traveling with kids.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say one more big “Thank You” to our night-of-event sponsors: The Woodmark Hotel, Trio Vinters, and Trophy Cupcakes.

I was so busy that night – futzing with Powerpoint beforehand and then answering questions from our guests afterwards – that I didn’t get a chance to inspect the Swag Bags which my co-hosts had put together so I brought one home with me to check out later. There’s a bunch of cool stuff in this cute bag. Today, to start my “week of giveaways” on, I’m giving one of these away.

Here’s What’s Inside

* Roll Up Market Tote from Lands End. I love that it’s easier + easier to skip the plastic bag in the supermarket because I have one or more reusable bags like this in my car. But since this one is cute + pink, I think I’ll be using it more than any of the eco-green square bags that I already have!
* BabyLegs Leg Warmers. These are great for covering that gap between pants and socks on a cold day. I do wish these had been around when my boys were little – they’re such a great idea.
* Mini Travel Activity Kit from TravelKiddy. This is a sample size of their well thought out travel activity kids containing lots of fun stuff to keep your kids busy in the car, while waiting for a plane or train.
* SeeHere 8×8 photo book by Fuji
* Sticky Fingers Recipe of the Month Club Subscription
* Gift Certificate for a free trial of GoGo Inflight Internet on your next air flight.
* $10 off gift certificate for childcare at Adventure Kids Playcare
* Malie Kai Dark or Milk Chocolate Bars made with chocolate grown on the Island of Hawaii, a gift from The Islands of Hawaii
* $50 off your summer photo session from Judith Fernstrom Photography
* Girls felt hairclips from L&H Designs
* Episencial Premium Travel Sized Playful Foaming Wash – way better than the antiseptic-smelling Purell.
* Packing Pal packing checklist from Baby Daze

This giveaway is now closed.


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