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Lunch At Morans At The Weir


You’d have to be a very dippy travel writer to have lunch at a great little restaurant and completely forget to take a single photo of the excellent seafood served. Very dippy. So I guess I am. Or maybe it was because when we detoured to stop at Morans At The Weir in Kilcolgan on our way from Galway to Doolin, one of my children was throwing a champion wobbler and I was utterly distracted.


That glass of wine I’m raising? Imbibed sincerely in order to maintain my sanity. Honestly.


Thankfully at Morans, there’s ample space for cantankerous children to run around and stretch their legs and generally jiggle out all their disagreeableness so that when you get back in the car you wonder if you’ve actually got a new child in your car.


So yes, I forgot to take any photo of the food, but it was excellent. In fact, my brother-in-law, Dan, who was with us, exclaimed that the Fish Chowder he had for lunch might possibly be the best chowder he’d ever tasted. Personally, I was more than happy with my open-faced Salmon sandwich.

I’m including this set of photos for today’s Wanderfood Wednesday because if you’re in the area, Morans is well worth the effort to find. And if you, like us, are blessed with good weather during your visit you can sit outside, enjoy the scenery and, for an extra-special treat, marvel at the artistry in the thatch roofs of the cottages as you enjoy your lunch.

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