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Funky Store And Road Signs


When my husband and children were showing me their photos from their road trip this past summer, they found this collection of funky store and road signs uproariously funny. Their collection started with this incongrous mixture of food and fighting taken in Butte.


I’m 100% sure that BigB’s love of Harry Potter came into play when he described this sign as “Centaurs Crossing”.


This one needs no explanation.


Both boys were fascinated by this 1940s advertisement extolling the benefits of DDT as shown at one of the excellent ranger talks they attended.


A visit to Yreka to take a photo in front of the Yreka Bakery sign was deemed a necessary side trip by my word-game-loving trio. There isn’t actually an operating business of this name in Yreka but when one of the boys spotted this sign on the wall of a cafe, he called out: “Aha Dad, Yreka Bakery. Dad, Aha!”

Check out DeliciousBaby for more fun travel-related photos.

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