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And One More Thing

CAM and I were leaving the sprawling MBK mall in central Bangkok.

“That’s another reason why I hate this trip” he said.
He was behind me, so I couldn’t see the look on his face, but I could tell from the tone of his voice that he wasn’t being serious. He is a master curmudgeon.
“Why’s that, bud?” I asked, curious to know what had brought on this latest complaint – especially since I’d just bought him a new pair of headphones.
“$23 isn’t a lot of money”, he replied.
“Well”, I said, “it is for some people”.
“That’s the point. It is for some people”
“Like the villagers we met in Cambodia”, I suggested, referring to our visit to the opening ceremony for the Passports School.
“But it shouldn’t be for me and that’s why I hate this trip, it’s made me realize that $23 is a lot of money for a lot of people” he continued, giving no sign as to whether or not he’d heard what I’d said.

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