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When Weather Gets In The Way Of Your Road Trip

If you follow me on twitter (@wandermom) or are one of my Facebook friends, you’ll know that I’m currently home alone. My husband and children packed up our car and headed south for the first great American Road Trip this family has ever really done. The map below shows the planned route with stops – an intended 3-day stay to camp and hike at Yellowstone National Park is not marked, but was on the itinerary.


What we didn’t bargain on was the weather. I almost feel like we should be obliged turn in our Irish passports for this. It’s utterly shameful that in planning a camping trip in August we didn’t even consider the possibility of rain. I say “we”, because although I’m not on the trip and my help was repeatedly refuted in the planning of the trip (as in: “No, it’s our trip, you’re not involved”!!), I was invited to assist with the packing.

The resulting photos from my family’s sodden adventures yesterday and today – with my husband’s witty comments – are just to good not to include as my Photo Friday post for this week. Enjoy!


Day 1 started early, leaving Seattle at 7am to drive to Silverwood UT with plenty of time for a fun-filled day at Silverwood Theme Park. My boys are huge Garfield fans and by all accounts the park fulfilled all expectations. The torrential rain and thunderstorms, on the other hand, meant that my husband posted the following on his Facebook status: “Silverwood theme park with the kids.Seems today is torrential monsoon theme.Curious how much of our tent is still above mudline.

The net results of so much precipitation was that by the time my phone rang at 9am on Day 2, the boys were not – as planned – hiking in the Missoula area, but instead had been driving since dawn and were almost at Butte. I checked Facebook and this is what I read: “Missoula:Just drove through a 200 mile-wide sheet of rain (or maybe it was just a moving 12 feet-wirish-festivalide sheet).Looks like plenty more ahead.

An Irish flag on the street was a fitting welcome and at least raised their spirits as they dragged the wet sleeping bags into a launderette. Unfortunately, it was tinged with a little sorrow as they realized they’d just missed the annual Montana Irish celebration. Maybe we’ll all be back in 2010.

I was glad to hear that the sun was shining in Butte – until I saw the next photo my husband had posted for me of the tent draped over the car in a parking lot in Butte.


The caption: “Bringing down property values wherever we go.” Lovely.

There’s really not much I can say to that. Although I guess when your tent is soaking wet and you plan to use it again that night, your options are fairly limited.

The odyssey is continuing. The road-travelers voted to continue driving until they’d left the rain behind. At last check-in they were in Salt Lake City. The original itinerary is now abandoned and a new one will be developed over breakfast tomorrow morning. Watch out for more photos and stories next Photo Friday.

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