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The web abounds with photos of swarms of motorscooters in cities all over the world particularly in South-East Asia. It truly is a change of pace than in European and American cities. I find the motorscooters piled with freight most fascinating, good enough, certainly for a Top 5 post.

My Top 5 Motorscooter Freight sights were:

1. You can’t help but stare when you see a family of four on a scooter – especially when the Mom is nursing the baby as they drive by!!! We saw this in Chiang Mai, but they passed too quickly for us to get a photo.

2. Two twin mattresses doubled and tied to the back of the scooter. This made the IKEA ads of a bed on a VW Beetle look easy.


3. Twice we saw a full pane of glass (about the size of the door above) and a similar-sized mirror wedged between the driver and his passenger. Truly frightening.

4. As in the top photo above, we saw many variations of a shop-on-a-bike. Clothing, food, or in this case, random household supplies.


5. This one is my hands-down favorite. This card reminded us of some friends in Seattle but when we bought it, we hadn’t seen anything like this. When my friend received the card, he scanned it and posted it on Facebook. Not a day later we drove right by a man on a scooter with three hogs strapped to the back. Too funny!

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5 thoughts on “Motorscooter Freight

  1. Shawna

    Great photos! The best things about traveling are experiencing different cultures and the pictures that you get. (The guy with the door has got to be wishing he had not chosen rush hour.)

  2. Tijmen

    haha, cant believe the kind of stuff people would move on the scooters over there. I bet the cops dont do anything about it either when they see it.

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