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Family World Trip Logistics Part III: Schoolwork

We traveled for a year and now we’re home. Our project is completed. Now I feel comfortable to write about logistics and comment on what worked (or didn’t) as a reference for anyone else out there planning to do an around the world trip with or without children.

In today’s installment I’ll cover what is probably the most difficult topic for me to write about: schooling.

Let’s just get this out there first: I am not a teacher; Murph is not a teacher. We opted to “homeschool” our children while traveling because we could. The school system in Seattle permits, and indeed makes it easy for, parents who opt not to send their children to school. We both value education very highly but boy, do we differ on how to educate a child and what matters in terms of a student’s educational excellence. I’m very old-school. I like my rapid-fire times tables and page-long essays. I value production and demonstration of knowledge. Murph’s more about understanding and will take discussion over writing any day.

So, how did we do? (measuring ourselves up to very high standard set by travelswithanineyearold)

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