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Hiking Mt Emei in Sichuan China – Day 1


This is a trail map for Mt Emei (Emei Shan) in Western Sichuan. I say “a” trail map because it is one of three that I’ve seen – all of which are different. The hike from START to END (as marked on the map above) might have been 45km or it could have been as much as 60km since both maps and guidebook descriptions differed in distance measurements. The maps were at least consistent in the 3,000m elevation gain. I didn’t find this map until after we’d finished the hike which is unfortunate because it represents the inclines and declines on the trail more accurately than either of the maps we had with us – then again, it’s possibly a good thing that we didn’t have this map because if we’d known just how grueling the trail was, we might not have attempted it.

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