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Photo Friday: Lime Kiln State Park

tide pool

We all have them: photos of our children which perfectly encapsulate both time and place and the child’s personality.

When we visited Lime Kiln State Park on San Juan Island this past Labor Day, BigB was bound and determined to see some ‘real tide pools’ i.e. tide pools which were actually, you know, on a beach – as opposed to the ‘fake tide pools in the Seattle Aquarium‘. So here he is, in full hot-weather, sun-protective gear, with only his nose in the water. Apparently the display of cold-water anenomes and other tide pool vegetation was worth the effort.

We actually stopped at the park since it’s known as one of the best land-based locations for whale watching. There are three pods of Orcas living in the waters around these islands and they frequent this channel regularly.



Unfortunately, we didn’t see any whales on our visit, but we did see seals and porpoises. And, of course, the tide pool show :)

Another great Photo Friday.

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Photo Credit: seamusnyc

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