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It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned anything about the RTW trip which was one of my reasons for starting this blog – but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about this trip. In fact, just the opposite.

There’s some good news: We have an itinerary. London to Buenos Aires overland (and circumnavigating South America) to Santiago to Bangkok overland to Vientiane to Shanghai to Beijing (and as much of China as we can squeeze in) to Johannesbug overland via Namibia to Mazabuka Zambia and back to London.

We have moved our start date from June 2010 to September 2010 to suit my husband’s work schedule. This is a good thing because it means that our trip plans are now all above board and have been discussed with employers. I’ve been blogging away since my first post on this topic a year ago and through this have built a network of friends and contacts in many of the places which we wish to visit. I’m excited already to meet these folks in person and very happy that we’ll be able to get input from locals on fun things to see and do.

But, I have to come clean and say that we’ve been affected by the recession and the downturn in the economy. One year on, the impact of such shocking events are still an every-day reality for us and will be for some time to come. We’re approaching this as a known risk to our project but we’re continuing with our planning nonetheless. It has caused some changes in that now I’m planning in 12-week chunks. If we decide that an extended trip is not financially prudent for our family at this time, hopefully we’ll be able to leverage school vacations to for shorter visits to individual regions instead.

I used the One World Itinerary Planner to build the map above – simply because we have airmiles with a OneWorld airline which I hope to be able to use for our flights. Airtreks also has a neat RTW itinerary planner, but the most useful tool so far has been the City Guides on the BBC World Weather website. With charts, tables and graphs showing weather details by month for a long, long list of cities worldwide it’s a mine of information for any traveler.

If you have any ideas for any of the places I mention above or anything relating to planning an extended trip – particularly as a family – do leave a comment below.

This post is part of the Mondays Are For Dreaming series hosted by MotherOfAllTrips. Wander on over and check out some more family travel stories – or dreams.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Dreaming Of Extended Travel

  1. Mara

    This is fabulous news – although I have to say that I’m sad Delaware is nowhere on your itinerary! :)

    You’re welcome here anytime though…

  2. Victoria

    How exciting! We are planning on leaving the UK in October 2010, right after you. We’ll be starting with Hawaii, NZ, Australia and arriving in SEA around March 2011 for around 4 months. When will you be in SEA, and how long are you planning to travel for? Do you think our paths will cross? We’ll be heading home sometime in July via Japan to fit in with school, work etc.

  3. sean murphy

    when in bankok fly to laos(luang prabang) stay by the meekong river,visit the silk manufacturing village across the river from the town by the rickety old bridge,see how they make their wonderful decorative paper the old way which includes petals from frowers and plants of the area.go up river au nang and visit the hill tribes towards pungsali.

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