Preparing To Go: The Questions Kids Ask


One of the best things about being a parent blogger is that you get to write about the funny things your kids say and do. It doesn’t matter whether you (the reader) find the story funny or not, I get to revel in being a besotted parent for a moment and I’m happy anyway. I have quirky kids. This can be a royal pain but it’s great for story-telling fodder.

As I mentioned last week, my kids seem to only be waking up to the fact that this family is really going to be doing world travels in the past few weeks. The funniest incident of this awakening happened over dinner recently. Don’t ask me how the conversation started, because I can’t remember, but imagine a normal, family, weekday dinner-time. CAM, looked up from eating and stared, in a very serious manner, at me and then my husband and then asked “What about work?”
“What do you mean, what about work?” I replied.
“When we go on our trip, what are you going to do about work? How are you going to work?”
I had to bow my head so he couldn’t see the laughter that was playing about my mouth. We’d been expecting this conversation for a while, but he’d sprung it on us unsuspectingly. My husband picked up the baton without missing a breath.
“I’ve handed in my notice, bud. I’ll be leaving Microsoft.”

You have to appreciate how much my video-game-loving boys truly love the fact that their Dad works for Xbox to understand the shock which reverberated around our kitchen at this statement.
“You mean you’re just packing in your job? What about you Mom?” CAM’s tone was accusatory and he was obviously quite alarmed at the decision his parents had taken.
“Yes, hon, my team knows I’ll be leaving.” I answered.
He exploded.
“Are you guys crazy? Haven’t you heard about the recession? Well that’s just more of it. This trip is just insane!”

He went on for a few minutes and we tried really hard to keep a straight face through all of it. His concerns are, of course, perfectly legitimate, but it really was funny to be berated for slacker tendencies by your own child.

My husband says my angry face would rival the Gorgon Medusa. I’m happy to announce that I’ve passed this quality on to my child. He froze us in his frustration and anger.

“Honey, everything’s going to be OK. Surely you trust us?” My husband tried to bring the conversation back to a normal the-world-is-not-going-to-end level.
“It’s not the first time either of us has stopped working” I added. “I stopped when you were born and when your brother was born and I’ve never had any problems going back to work”.
“And I stopped working when you were two” my husband added, reminiscing about the fun days they had together when it was just the two of them.
Nice segue. Situation defused.

I can’t wait to see my son with his kids. He thinks I’m a strict parent? He’s got more of my genes than he realizes. It’s going to be a hoot to watch.

Maybe later this week I’ll share why we’re not being cavalier, irresponsible parents in choosing to stop working now and what it is that gives us confidence to know that we’ll be able to step back into the workforce in a year or so if that’s where our path leads us.

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4 thoughts on “Preparing To Go: The Questions Kids Ask

  1. Lora

    Man this was the funniest thing ever! I thought I was at your breakfast table watching the whole thing unfold.

    I picture the beginning of a great roller coaster ride, the kind where you’ve been waiting in line forever to ride, but as you get each step closer to hearing the screams, it just makes you wonder if you are going to actually enjoy it. So now I think your kids have just realized what they are in line for. Hang on, I am sure that the ride will be incredible and worth it. Hats off to you for reassuring your son so quickly.

  2. maria

    This post is hilarious! I don’t think I would have been able to keep a straight face. How lucky your kids are to have such adventurous parents to take them on the trip of a lifetime. I’ll be popping over to read about your adventures.

  3. Cheryl

    We had similar discussions around our table….and just got back from our trip with kids (13, 11, 4). The hardest part was extricating ourselves from daily life, but when our first flight took off, our anxiety lifted too. Extended travel was the best gift we could have ever given our family. Have fun planning!

  4. J. Is a Bird

    That’s rich!

    My children are young but their personalities are set in stone. I already know who will be berating me as a slacker parent in a few years time.

    Thanks for the laugh.

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